The logo of Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Thegchok Dorje is a combination of the Nyingma Tradition logo and various important symbols of Buddhism, which can explain the lineage, spiritual history and background of Adzom Gyalse Tulku Rinpoche…


First, the meaning of the Nyingma Tradition logo:

Lotus, symbolizes Guru Padmasambhava, The Lotus-Born.

Book (Pecha), is Khenpo Bodhisattva, Shantarakshita.

Sword, represents the Dharma King Trisong Detsen, who was an emanation of Manjushri.

Birds of two Heads, symbolize Vairotsana and Kamalashila, Kawa Peltseg and Chogro Lui Gyaltsen…..

Then, the symbols that represent the aspects of Buddhism:

Sun and Moon mean the Sutra and Tantra, respectively.

Wheel and Conch Shell, are the offerings that Brahma, who appeared with a thousand-spoked golden wheel, requesting Buddha Shakyamuni to turn the teaching wheel of the dharma. The god Indra appeared next, presenting a white, right-spiralling conch shell as a symbol of the proclamation of the dharma.   

Letter A, represent the Perfection of Wisdom or Emptiness, also in the Dzogchen teachings means the Vital Essence (Nyingthig).


Now, bringing this into the context of the lineage and spiritual history of Adzom Gyalse Tulku Rinpoche, the symbols can be understood as follows:

Nyingma Tradition Logo, tells us that his main lineage of practice is the Great Perfection or Dzogchen and also he is a holder of all aspects of this Tradition, such as the transmissions of kahma, terma and pure visions.  

Sun and Moon represent that he holds and has accomplished both, Sutra and Tantra.

Conch Shell is Tashi Dungkar Khyil, the Auspicious Spiraling Conch Shell, popularly known as the Adzom Chögar, the Dharma Encampment of Adzom, and there was the place where, in his previous life, he made turn specially the Dharma-Wheel of the Vital Essence teachings (Nyingthig)  represented by the Letter A  such as he does actually.



Although Adzom Drukpa Dodrül Pawo Dorje held so many important lineages of practice, the main ones that comprise his transmited lineage were:

– Longchen Nyingthig, in which he was one of the most important masters and an essential link in the Nyingthig’s Oral-Transmission of the Yeshe Lama and Tsa-Lung, he also received visions of Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa and Yeshe Tsogyal, whereby he was taught directly, adding thus to this lineage important commentaries and instructions,

– Chetsun Nyingthig, as Adzom Drukpa himself said , “The great Tertön [Ösel Trulpai Dorje – Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo], who is Vajradhara himself, personally encouraged me to be the custodian of these teachings and bestowed on me the name Rigdzin Natsok Rangdrol…”

And after taking up the life style of a Tertön [Garwang Zhadpa Tsel], he became an inheritor of hidden-treasure and prolific author, gathering all his teaching cycles of treasure revelations under the Ösal Dorje Sangdzö Kor (Collection of Secret Treasures of Vajra Luminosity)


Besides, Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje wrote many commentaries about many topics of Sutra and Tantra and being regarded as a well renowned scholar, particulary on the Guhyagarbha Tantra (Gyü Sangwe NyingpoThe Essence of Secrets Tantra), wrote a text called Commentary on the Great Graduated Path of Magical Display. Although he received the transmission of many caches of profound termas in his visions of Guru Rinpoche, he did not codify many of them, but focused instead on transmitting more ancient termas.


Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig Trasmission Lineage

Long Lineage


Jigme Lingpa (Khyentse Öser)

Jigme Gyalwe Nyugu

Patrul Rinpoche – Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

Adzom Drukpa Dodrül Pawo Dorje

Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje

Rigdzin Palden Rinpoche (Lama Serpo)

Adzom Gyalse Tulku Rinpoche


Short Lineage

Jigme Lingpa ⇒ Adzom Drukpa